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Pioneering micro-mobility solutions toward sustainable neighbourhoods and cities.

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As a gig-economy worker (food deliveries) time is money. This Scooter helps me save time and make more deliveries.

I use the Scooter everyday to go to work and come home. Love the convenience!

An awesome and clean way to explore my city #scarboroughmade.

Scooty helped me see parts of the city I wouldn't have otherwise.

I use a Scooter to catch the bus and go to work. I don't need to rely on anyone, I'm free!

I Scoot to and from my place of work daily. Car's in the Garage. Love the fresh air and super fun commute!

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Advantages of e-Scooters

As a Canadian shared e-Scooter company, our aim is to provide safe, convenient, equitable, and responsible mobility services for all urban travelers.


Combating congestion, improving air quality, and reducing emissions, as well as reduced pollution and waste.


Providing residents with alternatives to automobile travel, and improving the availability and proximity of transit networks.


Connecting communities and improving health outcomes, through activity and pollution reduction.


Expanding access by offering a variety of affordable and reliable transportation options.


Increased access to viable transportation options promotes better social inclusion, and improves local proximity to opportunities.

How To Ride

  • 1 / Download "Ride Scooty"

  • 2 / Find Nearest Scooty

    Using the Ride Scooty application, locate a Scooty, then tap UNLOCK on your screen and proceed by scanning the QR code to unlock Scooty.

  • 3 / How To Ride

    Stand on Scooty, push off and slowly press down the accelerator throttle and go!

    Gently squeeze the brake lever to decelerate and come to a stop.

    And always follow city regulations!

  • 4 / Park Scooty

    You can pause your ride by parking and locking the scooter temporarily. Turn on the Ride Scooty App and press the lock button.

Cities, Let's Work Together

With the Canadian face of micromobility


How can we help you build green, vibrant, transit-oriented, and connected communities?

How can we support community agencies?

How can we encourage economic development?

Integrating e-Scooters with transit and city services.

Reducing congestion by encouraging e-Scooters and active transport instead of parking?

Improve safety by creating dedicated active transportation zones.