Faster than walking, cleaner than driving

Scooty strengthens and serves local transit networks with fast, affordable, environmentally friendly micro-mobility solutions.

The 5 Scooty Promises.

We swear by them.

Accessible public transit for all!

Scooty’s are fun, sure. But they also have a serious role to play in opening public transit systems to everyone. We are working on developing partnerships with public transit agencies in the region. That means if you turn up at any bus or train station, you can grab a Scooty for your onward journey.

Creating emission-free 15-minute cities

Scooty is working in different ways to cut emissions and shrink journey times. By connecting more people to public transport, we take more cars off the road. In fact 36% of micro mobility rides are in place of car trips. And by improving ‘first and last mile’ commuting we make clean, cheap public transport more accessible to more people.

The safe, responsible, community-first option

Safety is our top priority. That means careful caps on max speeds and safety training for riders.  You’ll never find Scooty’s littering the streets, because riders have to return them to designated locations.  We’re always listening to our local partners and we will use our micromobility data to fine tune our offers to the needs of the community.

We make micromobility work for all

E-scooters and bikes are powerful things. They inspire people to explore neighborhoods and discover businesses. In fact, the data tells us that food and beverage industries see an uplift when e-scooters and bikes are introduced in an area . As urban economies get back on track post-pandemic, e-scooters and bikes have a part to play in bringing more people to more places in our cities.

Strengthening and serving the communities we live in

Getting urban transport right takes collaboration and civic thinking. It’s the Canadian way. So we’re partnering with cities, with public transit authorities and with big developers so that we can create solutions that work for everyone. It matters, because we don’t just work in these communities, we call them our home.

  • Caroline Mulroney riding a Scooty with helmet and mask

    Thrilled to join @VijayThaniMPP this morning to test out @RideScooty! Our 5 year scooter pilot gives people a new, clean and green way to get from point A to point B!

    Ontario Minister of Transportation

  • Bonnie Crombie posing on Scooty scooter with helmet

    Why walk when you can scoot?! I had a wonderful morning trying out the @RideScooty experience at @MCSEvents and around City Hall. I'm looking forward to working with Scooty to find ways we can incorporate this clean and fun form of transportation in #Mississauga.

    Mayor of Mississauga

  • Omar Alghabra riding Scooty scooter with helmet

    Today, I had the pleasure of testing out an electric scooter with the @RideScooty team! Electric and green mobility businesses like #Scooty are the future. What a great way to get around the city while reducing pollution! #rideshare #electric #smartmobility

    Minister of Transport

Two people riding Scooty scooters on park path, smiling A group enjoying Scooty scooters by the waterfront Person riding Scooty scooter on park path

Our Partners:

  • Brilliant Catalyst
  • Ryerson University
  • tiao
  • MBOT
  • Broccolini
  • Brampton Board of Trade
  • Ryerson Venture Zone

Strengthening and serving our communities

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