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SCOOTY will process a refund or return if the following conditions are met:

  • Within calendar 10 days of the purchase as stated on the receipt, you must send us a return / refund request via e-mail to the address sales@ridescooty.com
  • The product’s kilometer reading is less than 5 km (this condition may be waived for open-box sales items, but will be enforced against the total odometer reading at time of sale)
  • The product must not be assembled (this condition may be waived for open-box items)
  • The product must not feature any signs of damage, or excessive use and/or wear and tear
  • The item is returned to SCOOTY at the Customer’s sole expense for shipping and handling charges
  • The item is returned in its original packaging

SCOOTY will inspect the item to verify that these conditions are met. This process will take approximately two weeks but can take up to 60 calendar days. Upon successful completion of this inspection, SCOOTY will issue a refund, typically within three to five business days. SCOOTY will apply a 20% restocking fee to this refund. If the customer elects to receive a credit for future SCOOTY purchases, the 20% restocking fee will be waived. SCOOTY reserves the right to refuse to honour this refund policy in the event of any kind of Return Abuse or Fraud. 

If we've made an error in sending you the wrong or defective product, not to worry - we'll cover shipping the fees and get you the right product ASAP!