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Stuff happens, we get it and SCOOTY would be happy to support and guide our customers on warranty issues with manufacturer directly.

For all  Segway products, detailed warranty information can be found by clicking here. Please note that Warranty is limited and vary depending on the product, parts and components. You can also reach Segway via  email technicalsupport@segway.com or by phone 1-866-473-4929.

For Everyday Bicycles, please email service@everydaybicycles.com. They can  also be reached via phone 1-855-249-1471 (Toll-Free) and Fax 416-479-0841.

Both Everyday and Segway are solid companies with excellent products and service. We stand behind them and SCOOTY will support our customers on any issues. As fans of shared and personal mobility, we want our customers to enjoy these products and the experience as much as we do.